Tooth Removal-Extraction, Dentist Charlotte

When a tooth is removed (extracted), ideally, all the soft tissue and infection should be removed from the socket. Soft tissue would include tissue associated with an abscess (root canal or periodontal infection) and the ligament tissue between the roots and the bone. 

In our practice, after the socket is cleaned out, I will treat the socket with ozonated water and oxygen/ozone gas to further reduce infection in the bone. Finally, I want to seal the cleaned socket from the rest of the mouth by placing biocompatible graft material and a membrane. This is called a ridge preservation procedure.

Ridge Preservation Procedure

First pictures shows socket after tooth was removed.
Second pictures shows graftmaterial placed in socket and
membrane being placed. Third pictures shows membrane
in place over graft.


Infected tooth before removal.

Socket in bone after tooth removal.


Oxygen/ozone being placed in socket.


Bone graft granules placed in socket.

Membrane in socket sutured over the bone graft.

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