Advanced Dental Technology, Dentist


 Along with other technologies and patient comfort systems (e.g. orthopedically designed chairs, towels warmers, heated water, etc.) Dr. Plascyk routinely uses the following technologies in his patient care:


        Source-Capture Mercury Vapor Removal Technology (amalgam removal)

        Oxygen Delivery system (amalgam removal)

        Oxygen/Ozone Generator (ozone used for many procedures)

Doppler Auscultation Technology (TMJ examination)

Occlusal Analysis Technology (bite examination)

        Phase Contrast Microscopy (microbial analysis)

        Dental Laser (minimally invasive periodontics)

        Anti-Microbial Irrigation Sytem (periodontal therapy)

        Piezo Ultrasonic Scalers (periodontal therapy)

        Calcium Bicarbonate Delivery Technology (periodontal therapy)

        Computerized Automated Periodontal Probing Technology (more

 gum pocket measurements)

        Biocompatibility Testing Service (dental materials)

        Reverse Osmosis and Ultraviolet filtration system (water purification)

        CAT Scanning Service (implants, cavitation diagnosis)

Computerized Implant Diagnostic Technology (planning implant placement)

        Computerized Implant Placement Technology

       Titanium Implant Placement Technology

       Zirconium (Meta-Free) Implant Placement Technology

       Mini-Implant Placement Technology

       Hybrid Implant Placement Technology

       Computerized Root Canal Technology

       Digital X-rays
(less radiation, more diagnostic)

       Intraoral Digital Photography

       Cosmetic Imaging Software

      On-Site Crown and Bridge Lab

On-Site Bite Guard and Bite Appliance Lab

      Laser Cavity Detection Technology

      Trans-Illumination Technology (cavity detection and stress fractures)


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