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Dental infections cause systemic disease.

Microscopic slides of oral plaque.

Periodontal is another word that refers to oral gum and bone tissue. Though many people are unaware, gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss for adults in this nation. Furthermore, up to 80% of our population has some form of gum disease. Gum disease progressively breaks down the gums and bone, which leads to tooth loss. It can lead to increased risk for stroke, heart attack, respiratory problems, and complications for diabetics and pregnant women. The list of diseases related to oral infection is growing. If Dr. Plascyk detects gum disease in your mouth, he will recommend minimally invasive therapy to initially treat the condition. After Dr. Plascyk reverses your condition and restores optimal oral health, you'll need to attend regular evaluations so that he can monitor the progress of your gum therapy and prevent recurrence.

Dr. Plascyk uses all-natural products for his patient cleanings. All of the products are 100% biocompatible, contain no artificial chemicals for flavoring, color or preservatives, and include oxygen/ozone, calcium bicarbonate and a natural tonic. Dr. Plascyk examines your plaque under high powered microscopes before your cleaning is started. After your therapy, a new plaque sample will be taken to confirm that there are minimal levels of plaque on the teeth. Dr. Plascyk finds these microscopic plaque samples are effective teaching tools for his patients. As supported by research, the plaque samples are also used to assess the risk for periodontal disease by checking for levels of certian bacteria (spirochetes) and white blood cells which are present in higher quantity when the gums are actively inflammed.

An important part of Dr. Plascyk's periodontal care includes educating patients on proper home care for disease prevention. Dr. Plascyk can recommend an all natural home care protocol if a patient wishes to use it. The effectiveness of this home care protocol or any other home care protocol a patient uses can be checked at cleaning appointments with traditional examination and with microscopic analysis of the plaque.

Dr. Plascyk also incorporates laser therapy into his periodontal care. Laser therapy can often replace traditional periodontal surgery. Like all dentist who practice minimally invasive therapy dentist in Charlotte, NC, Dr. Plascyk wants to remove as little natural oral tissue as possible. When treating gum disease, Dr. Plascyk does everything possible to avoid surgery. Dr. Plascyk uses an effective plaque removal program to initially treat gum or periodontal disease. This program, along with our patient’s improved home care, can eliminate the need for most surgical procedures. When more treatment is required after initial therapy, Dr. Plascyk can usually do laser therapy on the gums instead of traditional surgery. There are times however, when traditional surgery needs to completed to treat the gum disease. Patients may also be referred to a periodontist to have their gum disease treated.



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