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Dr. Plascyk is an investigator for a clinical research project approved by the federal government. The research involves the use of oxygen/ozone in dental treatment (see further down this page).

Dr. Plascyk incorporates ozone in much of his care. Ozone has helped Dr. Plascyk provide excellent care to his patients. Ozone is a naturally occurring antimicrobial agent. Ozone therapy works three basic ways. The ozone molecule directly kills microbes. Second, the dead microbes release compounds from their cell membranes that cause a "biological cascade". This cascade is the natural defense mechanism of the body to fight infection and heal. Finally, ozone breaks down to oxygen when it is done killing infection. Therefore it introduces oxygen into the anaerobic (oxygen lacking) infected area which helps kill infection. Ozone is produced by passing medical grade oxygen though an ozone generator.Therefore, the correct term for the gas is oxygen/ozone. Dr. Plascyk uses oxygen/ozone in the following treatments:


 Effect of Ozone on Bacteria:

  1. Computer generated image of a bacteria cell
  2. Close-up of ozone molecule coming into contact with bacterial wall
  3. Ozone penetrating and creating hole in bacterial wall
  4. Close-up effect of ozone on cell wall
  5. Bacterial cell after a few ozone molecules come into contact
  6. Destruction of cell after ozone (cell lysing)

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Dr. Plascyk's research is registered with the following
 Institutional Review Board or IRB:

Parent Organization:     IORG0003952  American College of Integrative Medicine & Dentistry  
Located at: Saddle Brook, NEW JERSEY
Expires:  May 16, 2011
                                       INSTITUTIONAL REVIEW BOARD INFORMATION         
IRB00004686 - American College of Integrative Medicine and Dentistry IRB #1 - biomedical

Located at: Saddle Brook, NEW JERSEY
Membership Last Updated:  May 16, 2008


Assurances Relying Upon IRB00004686
Assurance Name City State or Country  
FWA00009475 American College of Integrative Medicine & Dentistry Saddle Brook NEW JERSEY  



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