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In addition to standard size implants there is another group of implants that are becoming more popular with dentists. These are called narrow body implants or mini-implants. They were developed as a less expensive alternative to standard size dental implants. They were also developed as a way of getting a dental implant into jaw bone that was not wide enough for standard size implants. The drawback is that these narrow body or mini implants cannot handle the biting forces that wider standard diameter implants can. So they have to be used properly to make them work. A mini implant or narrow body implant cannot replace a standard implant in all cases. Also, unlike a standard implant, a mini-implant is more prone (not highly prone) to need replacement. Fortunately they can be easily replaced at minimal cost.

The main use of mini-implants is to help hold removable partial or complete dentures in place. They work very effectively in this manner. But more and more dentists are using mini implants to hold a crown to replace a single tooth. Multiple mini-implants are now even being used to hold non removable bridges. Now they are coming out with hybrid implants that are wider than mini implants but less wide than standard size implants. I have found that I am placing mini implants when cost is a factor for a patient. These implants are allowing many patients to enjoy better function and comfort than they would have it they did not have this less expensive alternative.

A mini implant is made from the same material as standard size implants. They are biocompatible and not subject to cavities, root canal infections or periodontal disease.

Mini implant with attachment for lower removable denture.

Mini implants holding lower denture in place.

Mini implant with attachment for upper removable denture.

Mini implants holding upper denture in place.

Mini implants can be used to hold nonremovable crowns or bridges

nonremovable crowns in place.


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