Metal Free, Dentist Charlotte NC


Technically, there is no such thing as metal-free or non metal dentistry. When a dentist says they practice metal free dentistry, he or she does not use dental materials that are predominantly metal, such as amalgam, gold fillings or crowns, and bridges that have metal substructures. When it comes to treating teeth with any kind of filling, there will be at least trace amounts of metal in the material. Metal gives the filling material certain desirable optical properties, such as blocking out stains and making the material look natural. The key with minimizing your exposure to metal is the chemical stability of the material. Remember, no matter what is in a dental material, it cannot harm your body if it does not breakdown on a molecular level and become bio-available to any consequential level. Fortunately, most traditional dental materials are extremely chemically stable and are therefore biocompatible.


                Amalgam Filling
                  (metal filling)

               Porcelain Filling
    (metal free or nonmetal filling)


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