Invisible Braces, Cosmetic Dentist Charlotte

As a dentist performing cosmetic therapy in Charlotte, NC, Dr. Plascyk incorporates Clear Correct invisible or clear braces into many of his cosmetic dentistry cases. Clear Correct (like Invisalign) can be completed as a stand-alone cosmetic procedure or it can be done prior to porcelain veneer or implant therapyClear Correct is a series of thin clear plastic trays  that fit on teeth and gently, incrementally move teeth into the ideal position. The trays are removed when you eat or clean your teeth. Because they are clear, you can wear them without worrying about their appearance. Each tray in your custom series will move your teeth a little closer to the desired position. Clear Correct works well for simple tooth movements. When more sophisticated movements are required, traditional braces present a better option. As with traditional braces, a retainer is necessary after treatment to prevent shifting of teeth following Clear Correct  therapy. 

I have developed a reputation with my patients not only for providing excellent cosmetic and
functional results when I move teeth with Clear Correct, but I am also  known for
completing cases very quickly. This is possible because of my meticulous examination and
planning before starting any Clear Correct case.

 I feel that my Charlotte, NC area patients receive excellent Clear Correct care because my team correctly coordinates the treatment to create the ideal bite (occlusion) and cosmetic appearance of the teeth. As a dentist performimg cosmetic therapy such as cosmetic porcelain veneer therapy, I almost never do an Clear Correct case without performing a complete bite analysis.  My level of bite analysis is not typically completed by most dentist who perform tooth movements whether with traditional braces, Clear Correct or Invisalign. First. In my opinion, there is no way to determine the best position and function of the teeth for my Charlotte, NC area patients without doing a mounted bite analysis and a complete bite adjustment when indicated. Having the bite properly analyzed and balanced is a routine part of my cosmetic and Clear Correct care..  Many elite dental academies and study centers support this concept.

We start an Clear Correct case by taking dental records, which includes impressions of the teeth, photographs and x-rays. I then send the records and a prescription of how I want the teeth moved to the Clear Correct lab. The Clear Correct lab sends me back an animation of the tooth movements. I may make changes on the on the video and send it back to the Clear Correct lab. The lab then creates a custom set of clear trays, or clear braces, for the patient's unique case. Each Clear Correct tray is worn for two weeks.

The length of treatment for a particular Clear Correct case depends on the amount off tooth movement required, but I can often complete a routine Clear Correct case in six months. Many of my Charlotte, NC area patients choose to end Clear Correct treatment with cosmetic whitening for a straight and bright cosmetic smile.

I often do Clear Correct on my Charlotte, NC area patients before cosmetic porcelain veneer and dental implant therapy. If the front teeth are mal-aligned (crowded, rotated or spaced), Clear Correct can straighten the teeth and move them into more ideal positions. Now that the teeth are in more correct positions because of the Clear Correct treatment, the teeth can be shaped (drilled) more conservatively removing less natural tooth structure when doing cosmetic porcelain veneer or cosmetic porcelain crown therapy.



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