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 Dr. Plascyk: Member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT).  


No matter what specific dental care you are looking for, ideally it should be completed with  a holistic approach so it will contribute to the health of your entire body. Holistic dental care includes:

                -   Minimizing jaw and oral microbial infections

                -   Minimizing jaw and oral inflammation (the most important thing a dentist can do)

                -   Minimizing interaction of dental materials with the body
                -   Minimizing stress on the jaw and oral structures

                -   Maximizing proper function of the jaw and oral structures  

To acheive the goal of holistic care I use taditional as well as non-traditional or alternative techniques. This care has been incorporated in my cosmetic therapy (cosmetic porcelain veneer and cosmetic porcelain crown therapy), dental implant therapy, TMJ or neuromuscular therapy, Root canal therapy and routine dental care. Because of much success in solving our patients problems, I receive continuous referrals from physicians, chiropractors, alternative healthcare providers as well as our patients.  







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