Dental Implant Surgery, Dentist Charlotte

Dr. Plascyk performs implant therapy in Charlotte NC, Dr. Plascyk finds dental implants to be a very routine and straight forward treatment. Dental Implants are normally a two-step process. The first step is the surgical phase, which is the placement of the implant. The second step is the restorative step, which is the placement of the crown or bridge on the dental implant. If there is an adequate amount of bone in the jaw then the surgical phase is fairly easy and straightforward.

A computerized drill is used to slowly and delicately make an osteotomy, or hole, in the bone that the dental implant is placed in. It is a comfortable process before, during and after the procedure is completed. Most patients are absolutely surprised by how fast and easy the procedure was. Even after the Novocain wears off, you will feel minimal to no discomfort. About two months later, an impression of the implant is taken and sent to the dental lab. About two weeks later, the crown or bridge is cemented on the implant. No Novocain is needed for the second and third appointments. Dental implants are the least stressful procedure in my office for both me and my patients.

The surgical phase of implant therapy becomes more complicated if there is not enough bone to place the implant. In this case, a bone grafting procedure will need to be completed first to build new bone for the implant. The bone grafting surgery can be relatively simple to very complex. Most procedures are simple to moderate in complexity.


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