Cosmetic Mock Up, Dentist Charlotte NC

As a dentist performimg cosmetic therapy in Charlotte, NC, Dr. Plascyk often creates cosmetic mock-ups as a first step in a cosmetic porcelain veneer or cosmetic crown case that involves the front teeth. This process usually requires multiple appointments to test the cosmetic changes that are going to be made to the front teeth. In Dr. Plascyk's opinion, a cosmetic mock-up is a necessary step to ensure the best results of his cosmetic porcelain veneer and cosmetic porcelain crown therapy for his Charlotte, NC area patients.

There is no additional charge for my cosmetic mock-up procedures for my Charlotte, NC area patients. Typically, when a patient comes in for an initial cosmetic appointment, I will start adding white composite filling materials to the teeth (mocking-up). We can lengthen, change color and generally reshape the teeth. Usually no anesthesia is necessary for the cosmetic mock up appointments. I can line up the teeth and shape them to the principles of cosmetic smile design. The mock-up will specifically fit with the patient's lips, bite, function and face. After each appointment, the patient will leave, then come back and report to me how they think the teeth look and feel. We then make changes until the patient and I are happy with the cosmetic appearance and function of the teeth.

When the mock-up effectively reflects the cosmetic goals that my patient and I have for the cosmetic porcelain veneer or porcelain crown therapy, I adjust the rest of the teeth so that all the teeth are in the best function possible, and harmful stresses are eliminated. This will ensure that the bite promotes health in the future and the cosmetic dental treatment will last as long as possible. Not all dentist do cosmetic mock up procedures. Cosmetic mock-ups and then bite balancing are routine procedures with my cosmetic care. Many elite dental academies and study centers support this concept.


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