Amalgam Removal, Dentist Charlotte NC

Amalgam filling needs to be replaced when there is decay under the filling or breakdown of the fillling. When Dr. Plascyk removes amalgam fillings, he uses an alternative amalgam removal protocol. There is no additional fee charged for the above procedures. His protocol follows that of the IAOMT, the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology. His protocol includes:

  • Isolation of the tooth with a dental dam
  • Sealant placed between the dental dam and the tooth
  • Disposable facemask over the patients face
  • Separate oxygen supply for the patient to breath
  • Source capture mercury filtration evacuation
  • Copious irrigation while drilling
  • Removing the filling in chunks to minimize debris and vapor

Amalgam filling

Porcelain filling

Isolated amalgam filling with dental dam in place.

Patient prepared for amalgam removal.

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