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Dr. Paul Plascyk was born and raised in Long Island, N.Y. He was the fifth of seven children. In high school his extracurricular activities included wrestling, football and lacrosse. After high school, he attended Niagara University in New York. While in college he participated in a government two research studies. One study involved data collection and analysis of the toxic waste in the Love Canal area in New York. He also received a stipend from the National Science Foundation and participated in research at Hunter College in New York City. He eventually received a B.S. degree in biochemistry at Niagara. He then attended the University of Buffalo School of Dental Medicine and graduated in 1986. After dental school, Dr. Plascyk was accepted into a two year general practice residency program at Nassau University Hospital in New York. This was an excellent learning environment. During this residency, Dr. Plascyk was  taught and trained by many private practice general dentists and specialists. The hospital environment also exposed Dr. Plascyk to patients with various physical illnesses and the affect that oral disease had on the entire body. During his hospital residency, Dr. Plascyk was exposed to all aspects of dental care which included routine general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry and advanced oral reconstruction. A significant amount of his training emphasized proper balance of the oral structures which included the TMJ (jaw joint), muscles and occlusion or bite. During this time, Dr. Plascyk was also being trained on the Branemark implant system which was the original implant system in dentistry. The residency also stressed the importance of literature review. Each week Dr. Plascyk was required to present a literature review of a particular topic in dentistry. Dr. Plascyk was also required to present formal presentations of his completed patient care to other doctors. This was a great opportunity for Dr. Plascyk to hear various opinions on how to treat a particular patient. Dr. Plascyk was eventually made Chief Dental Resident at the hospital. Immediately after his residency, Dr. Plascyk opened a private practice in Port Washington, N.Y., where he quickly acquired a reputation for being a compassionate and well trained dentist. While in practice in New York, Dr. Plascyk continued to attend regular continuing education courses in all aspects of dentistry.

He was recognized and awarded for his dedication to continuing education by the Nassau County Dental Society. Dr. Plascyk was accepted into a two year implant program at New York University School of Dental Medicine in Manhattan. During this time, Dr. Plascyk received more advanced training on dental implants, bone grafting and complete oral reconstruction. At the end of this training, Dr. Plascyk was certified in several implant systems including the Branemark implant system. During this time, Dr. Plascyk continued his interest in how dental disease affects the body. He then began incorporating some nontraditional therapy in his care. After years of successful practice, Dr. Plascyk and his wife Nancy decided they wanted a change of pace and improved quality of life and decided to move to the Charlotte, North Carolina area. His patients were sad to see him go, but he made sure the care of his patients was left in good hands with another well trained and compassionate dentist. Dr. Plascyk opened his new practice in Weddington, North Carolina in September 2002. Again, Dr. Plascyk quickly gained a reputation for being a compassionate and highly skilled dentist. Because of his quality care patients were coming from a large geographic area to see him. After almost five years in Weddington, Dr. Plascyk thought it would be best to relocate his office for easier access for most patients. So he relocated his office just inside Charlotte, N.C., right off the Providence Road exit of I485. This has been a very convenient location for Dr. Plascyk’s patients. Dr. Plascyk continues to attend education and training courses. Dr. Plascyk is certified in oxygen/ozone therapy by the American College Of Integrative Medicine and Dentistry and is currently an investigator for a federally approved research study for the use of oxygen/ozone in dental treatment.

Dr. Plascyk is a member of the following organizations:

International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology
American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
American Dental Association
North Carolina Dental Society

Dr. Plascyk and his wife Nancy have three children and live in Waxhaw, North Carolina. Their son Stephen attends American University in Washington, D.C. Their daughter Sarah attends Marvin Ridge High School. Shannon attends preschool.

Dr. Plascyk is very proud of his staff . Each staff member is experienced and highly skilled in the dental field. Although they have had opportunities to work elsewhere, they all continue to work with Dr. Plascyk because of his quality of patient care and holistic philosophy of treatment. Kathy Cole is his office manager. She has over 20 years of experience in the dental field and is a great resource for patients with questions about dental care, insurance and payment options. Patients cannot say enough positive things about Kathy. Adriana Monserrate is our dental assistant with over 12 years experience. She is an invaluable asset to Dr. Plascyk's clinical care. Denise Caudle is our sterilization and supply assistant. She is an asset in both clinical and front desk duties. Anne Bynum is our dental hygienist. She has over 20 years of clinical experience and delivers a high standard of dental hygiene therapy and knowledge to our patients. For all doctor Plascyk's cosmetic care, such as porcelain veneers and crowns, Dr. Plascyk uses Anthony Maggio from Maggio Porcelain Studio in New York. Dr. Plascyk and Anthony Maggio have been working together for years to deliver the highest quality cosmetic dentistry to patients. Doctor Plascyk relies greatly on the years of cosmetic skill and knowledge of Anthony and his lab. Finally, Dr. Plascyk does most of the treatment patients require. However, there are times when patients need to be referred to a specialist. Dr. Plascyk uses a top team of specialists which includes, oral surgeons, orthodontics, oral pathologists, periodontists and pediatric dentists.








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