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(Dr. Plascyk does minimal marketing of his practice. Most of his new patients are
referred by existing patients, physicians and other healthcare providers.


Dear Neighbor,


If you want information and want to become more knowledgeable about dentistry and your health, thenI encourage you to explore my site."

       As you can tell from my website, I am a strong believer in patient
education. More specifically, I desire to take patient education to the
highest level possible.  Much of the information I share with patients
is not commonly discussed by other dentists. Patients appreciate my
efforts to inform them so they can make the best decisions about their
care. Patients also appreciate my "no baloney" approach to communication.
I do not "sell" any treatment to patients. I am very sincere and "straight
forward" with people. I simply educate and present all the options (not
just the most expensive) to solve their problems. I invite you to browse
the site for topics that may interest you.

I have been called many things by my Charlotte, NC area patients:

                "A Cosmetic Dentist."
                "A Holistic Dentist"
                "A Implant Dentist." 
                "A Laser Dentist"

                "A TMJ Dentist."
                "A Neuromuscular Dentist"
                "A Snoring/Sleep Apnea Dentist"

For the record, all the above terms are unofficial. There is no specialty in dentistry for any of these types of treatments or services (cosmetic, implant, TMJ, etc.). All that exists are dentist that incorporate these types of treatment into their care. For example, I do a lot of cosmetic therapy on my patients and achieve excellent results (see cosmetic photos). Officially however, I am a general dentist that offers cosmetic services to his patients (as is the case for every dentist who claims to be a "cosmetic dentist"). Another example is laser dentistry. I incorporate laser treatment in various procedures I do. Again, officially there is no specialty for a laser dentist. I am a general dentist who incorporates laser therapy in my care. So make sure you understand this as you look for your new dentist.

                Important point: If you are seeking a dentist because you find they do one particular service
                                          you are interested in, I recommend you investigate a little more. For
                                          example, if you are looking for a "cosmetic dentist", you ideally want this
                                          dentist to also examine and balance your jaw joint (TMJ), jaw muscles
                                          and occlusion (bite) before placing your veneers or crowns on the front
                                          teeth. You want them to ensure these structures are all working with each
                                         other instead of against each other? In my practice, I achieve this balance
                                         by starting with an "occlusal analysis, mounted case" (a comprehensive
                                         bite exam). Not all dentists agree that this level of exam is necessary to do
                                         before cosmetic treatment. However, I feel it is very important and I never
                                         do a cosmetic case without this level of examination.  In my pracice it
                                         results in the best final cosmetic and functional result for my patients. 

                                           "You cannot separate "pretty teeth" from proper function and health."

                                         If you are seeking a "laser dentist", do you also want this dentist to use 
                                        dental materials that have been screened with biocompatibility testing? 
                                        Again, some dentist do not feel this important. I feel it is very important. 
                                        At every cleaning appointment we examine a microscopic slide of your 
                                        oral bacterial levels?  In my practice, I feel this is this is absolutely
                                        necessary information to minimize oral infections and future dental
                                        disease. Most dentist do not feel this is necessary. When performing 
                                        routine treatments like fillings and crowns, I incorporate some 
                                        alternative/supplemental techniques into your care such as the use of
                                        oxygen/ozone therapy or alternative amalgam removal. Are these 
                                        techniques important to you? You have to decide. 

                                        Concerning general health, I feel the most important reason to go to a
                                       dentist is to reduce chronic inflammation in your body. I have a 
                                       comprehensive understanding of chronic inflammation on a molecular
                                       level. Therapies such as cosmetic, laser, holisticneuromuscular  mean 
                                       little to me if chronic inflammation is not minimized from the oral

                                       So as you can see, there is more to dentistry than one
                                       particular type of treatment or technique. You need to make sure you
                                       are getting the "entire package" of treatment you desire.

Next, I would like to ask you a question. What are you looking for from your Charlotte, NC area dentist?:

           - Routine care such as a filling, crown, bridge or cleaning.

           - More sophisticated care such as dental implant therapy, 
             cosmetic porcelain veneer therapy, TMJ and bite therapy,
             bone grafting 
therapy, periodontal (gum) therapy or snoring
             and sleep apnea

           - Maybe you are looking for alternative therapies such as
             surgery-free laser periodontal (gum) therapy, alternative
removal, a mercury free and metal free filling,
             crown or bridge, metal free implant therapy, biocompatability
, biocompatible materials, oxygen/ozone therapy,
             nontraditional root canal therapy or microscopic plaque analysis.

No matter what specific dental care you are looking for from your Charlotte, NC dentist, ideally it should be completed with  a holistic (whole body) approach so it will result in 1) the best final result of the treatment (cosmetic or otherwise) and 2) contribute to the health of your entire body. In my practice, holistic dental care is achieved by:

                1)   Minimizing jaw and oral microbial infections

                2)   Minimizing jaw and oral inflammation (the most important thing a dentist can do)

                3)   Minimizing interaction of dental materials with the body

                4)   Minimizing stress on the jaw and oral structures

                5)   Maximizing proper function of the jaw and oral structures

I intergrate traditional as well as alternative techniques in my patient care. In my opinion, whether you are completing cosmetic porcelain veneer therapy, dental implant therapy or any other therapy, if appropriate time and effort is not taken to accomplish the 5 goals of holistic care, it is not possible to deliver the best care to the patient.

With over 20 years experience and training in New York and now Charlotte, NC, I feel that patients are receiving maximum holistic benefits from my care. This committment to total health is reflected by continued referrals not only from my Charlotte, NC area patients but from from physicians and other healthcare providers in the Charlotte, NC area.

Continue to review my website to learn how I accomplish my holistic care and help my Charlotte, NC area patients.


                                                                                                   Paul Plascyk, D.D.S.


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